Monday, February 08, 2010


One of my problems is that I am buying too many records. When I was little I had very little pocket money, just like most people, so I could only buy like one LP per month. Now, after 20 years in the music business I am famous and rich, so I can afford to buy whatever I want. So besides buying great punk rock vinyl for myself I also buy dance stuff to play at parties because some people will not learn, they are stupid enough to let me ruin their events by having me as a DJ.

Lately I started buying certain records just so that I can put their covers on this blog. How stupid is that? For example I came across the gem above which gives you a good idea of German drinking culture and our idea of "fun". I doubt the music is half as good as the cover. So a little voice inside my head said to me: "You don't have to buy this thing. You already have too much stuff at home, you could just take a picture of the cover and post it."
The littel voice said it again when I found this one:

I like this one even better because you can clearly see that what is happening there is a nuclear explosion creating some serious Bombenstimmung. The people in the picture are having a ball, yound and old alike. Remember the saying: "One nuclear bomb can ruin your whole day."? I guess it's not true after all. You might get a red face like the guy with the hammer and some others, though. Anyway, I did not invest the 50 Cents those records were each and since then I am kicking myself for not doing so. Also my friends told me what a fool I was. They even showed interest in actually listening to the tunes on these records. Aaargh!

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