Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The fine people at LM cigarettes are currently running this ad campaign in Germany with city light posters, billboards and some point of sales stuff. It is much appreciated that the iPod toting creative scene realizes that it cannot make fine looking ads from downloaded tunes, or use the zombi-like CD format and still look cool. So they want to use vinyl and a good old fashioned turntable in their visuals.

LM city light poster
And I can understand that is is a challenge for the art department to make this look good when you desperately want to have the pack of cigarettes in that bottom right corner. So hey -- let's just mirror this picture, ok?
But would it not be great if they had someone who knew how a record player looks and works.

Maybe the device in the campaign is a special turntable I have never heard of that is made to play records backwards so that you can listen to the satanic messages more easily. Or is it for left handed people who own vinyl records which are cut backwards??? Hey wait -- I got it wrong, too.

Anyway, this is way better. I saw a similarly wrong design for one of those over-30 parties in Bremen some weeks ago. It was a local phenomenon -- I thought. But instead it seems to become a trend now.

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Blogger Knut said...

I think the reason for this failure is that hardly any of those young blokes busily working an advertisement today own a record player. So, how should they know?

An aqaintace of mine who works at a big record store told me that
a) one young guy once approached him and ask, how to operate the record player, like it was some "mystic device" for DJs.
b) another young guy complained that the record player does not play the "B-songs" of the record. So he was shown how to flip the reord and play the backside.
Urban legends?

Jan 16, 2010, 2:41:00 PM  
Blogger heartfirst said...

Haha, great stories. These posters are now all over town. Yeah, obviously the reason is that these people think that vinyl and turntables are somehow cool. But they don't know much more than that. These posters are now all over town in Munich and I still think it's funny someone spends millions (I guess) on a campaign with a design that is wrong, yet looks cool. I am switching back to Roth Händle!

Jan 16, 2010, 7:58:00 PM  

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