Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DAY OF GERMAN UNITY: SNIFFING GLUE, THE NAILS in Nürnberg, Germany on 3 October

Should you be in Nürnberg in early October for a Reichsparteitag or something else, you can check out this gig which I highly recommend. SNIFFING GLUE are one of the best bands going in Germany at the moment and THE NAILS are an up and coming new band from Berlin featuring members from South America, Ruhrpott, Göttingen and King Iffland on drums. I don't think any of the band members are nerds.

P.S. Don't you wish that free fonts all had ümlauts?
P.P.S. Of course you might be in Seattle that day to see STRAIN, UNBROKEN and UNDERTOW at the Corazon.

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