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Here are some more live pix from the 1980s. I can never remember which year those pictures were taken. In this case I found a website which lists the old live performances of CHUMBAWAMBA. So now I know I took those pictures on 9th October 1987 at Alte TU-Mensa in Berlin. This gig was HERESY, CHUMBAWAMBA, BLYTH POWER and POISON GIRLS playing and it was a benefit gig for political prisoners, or rather a benefit tour.

John of HERESY at the ALTE TU-MENSA in Berlin in 1987

I really admire CHUMBAWAMBA. They never were good at any of the styles they played, yet they put on a decent agit prop theatre show back in the day. They were on the "Fuck EMI" compilation LP, twice -- Danbert Nobacon and CHUMBAWAMBA. More info can be found here, then some years later turned around to sign to.... you guessed it: EMI. That's chutzpah! [edit: I had to look the English spelling up]. The most un-punk major of them all. Doesn't this bring a SEX PISTOLS song to your head? This in turn earned them their own compilation. More info is here
Anyway, I remember that gig well, because Vi Subversa of POISON GIRLS seemed to be getting a groupie half her age and I was rather rurprised when John of HERESY pulled out a marker pen to get X'd up. I always found that a kinda childish thing to do. But if you look at the picture above, the man had a squatter tattoo and Xs on this hands. You don't get much of that anymore these days! So more power to the drug free brick layers of the 1980s.

John of HERESY at the ALTE TU-MENSA in Berlin in 1987

Another photo of John in action on that day. Here is a pic of my man Kalv the bass player of HERESY at the same gig:

Kalv of HERESY at the ALTE TU-MENSA in Berlin in 1987
This picture ended up on the back cover of their "Face Up To It" LP and on the front cover of the Japanese version of that LP called "Voice Your Opinion" on the Dogma label. I guess they liked it because of the great looking flying dreadlocks which you cannot see on this version of the photo which is a crappy scan off the negative, reproduced extra shitty for the web. The Japanese version looks like this:

Japanese version of HERESY LP on Dogma

This picture was stolen from the Dogma label discography page which my friend Chris from VELTED REGNUB distro did. Check it out here Today Kalv plays in a very good UK band called GERIATRIC UNIT and as with all good UK hardcore punk bands noone cares about them, especially in the UK.

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Blogger chrisapproach said...

i care about geriatric unit

Jul 22, 2009, 10:18:00 PM  
Blogger Kjelli said...

Second that

Jul 23, 2009, 12:05:00 AM  
Blogger Robi_Wan said...

Oh ein Heresy Post: 10 Punkte!!!

Jul 23, 2009, 12:49:00 PM  
Blogger Kängnäve said...

Heresy, what a band!

Jul 24, 2009, 6:56:00 PM  
Blogger Kjelli said...

New Geriatric Unit record out now...jess

Oct 9, 2009, 1:38:00 PM  

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