Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Majors still suck big time

Wow, Universal Music wants to re-release old stuff from their catalog on vinyl through crowdfunding. What an idea for a big media corporation:

The Guardian already gave us an awesome selection to choose from. Including a really rare Jackson Five record:

This made me check out the Universal website and they have one in the UK solely dedicated to vinyl. So unfortunately SONIC YOUTH and NIRVANA are not really part of the crowdfunding project:

Peeking around the Universal website I found this:

No wonder the pressing plants are busy with pressing shitty stuff for the majors, not just for Record Store Day (TM) and BEATLES re-issues. While the current trend of stupid re-issues on 2xLP in the punk world plagues us, the majors are smarter and take it one step further. They turned METALLICA's "And Justice For All" from a 2xLP into a 4xLP! For only 64.99 pounds. I bought it when it originally came out. This sounded good to me as a normal double LP, considering the sound is totally clinical anyway. Man, those drums! But hey - they surely love their vinyl over at Universal. 
This one is from 2008 I guess, but I had not seen it before. This picture stolen from the web.


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