Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The famous Heartfirst band BURIAL went on tour with their Danish friends LOVE POTION. They also have many more fans in Denmark as you can see here:

These dorks who look like straight out of a Hot Topic ad are not LOVE POTION but another Danish band by the name of A SHELTERING SKY. Now -- if that band name does not sound "emo" I don't know what does. If you really need to know how they sound like you'll have to do a MySpace search.

BURIAL have a new 12" out on DERANGED RECORDS outta Canada called "Speed At Night". Buy this record so that the label can afford to still live in the Vancouver area which is currently getting ruined by preparations for the winter olympics.

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I think there is not enough input on food on this blog. But I am working on changing that! Here is a cool wasabi cracker snack. Thanks to my friend Jun for bringing me more of this even though it was out of season!

I've got nothing to say

I am really sorry for not posting here in such a long time. After posting so much 1980s shit here I promised myself I would focus on recent stuff and not post anything backward looking in August. This lead to no posts in August. And while I was at it I posted nothing in September, too.